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What Are The Health Benefits Of Moringa?

Organic Moringa Leaves - Drumstick Tree Leaf Munaga Shigru Leaves Dried


  • May 2019
  • Organic
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  • Sun dried Moringa Leaves
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About the Author

Piedad Higginbotham is a Colombian-born American author and entrepreneur who has written extensively about the health benefits of the moringa tree. Higginbotham has founded a number of businesses centered around the moringa plant, including a company that manufactures and sells moringa-based products and a non-profit organization that distributes moringa seedlings to farmers in developing countries. Higginbotham is also the author of the book "The Moringa Tree: A Miracle Plant for the Tropics", which explores the many uses of the moringa tree and its potential to improve the lives of people in tropical countries.